6805 York Rd # B, BALTIMORE, MD, 21212-1846 
410-377-2500 / 410-377-2500

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Reviewed by: Amanda E. on: 11/26/2013 1:40:10 AM
New to the area and with that in search of a new Chinese restaurant - one that has vegetarian options and peanut safe practices. After some searching we decided to give Mandarin Taste a go, and a quick talk with a manager before ordering set our minds at ease in regards to peanut policy. We ordered the General Tso's Tofu along with our "standard" eggplant with garlic sauce. Decided to go with carry-out and food was ready in about 20 minutes and everything was correct.The eggplant with garlic sauce is slightly different than what we are used to, but in a good way. Instead of being all eggplant, there were a variety of other vegetables in the dish including some fresh carrots and broccoli. The General Tso's Tofu was also amazing, great rich sauce with a hint of heat. The tofu was well cooked, firm on the outside with an almost caramelized crust and nice and soft on the outside - much better than the standard pre-cooked fried tofu tossed in sauce. This dish also came with some fresh broccoli, which seemed to be steamed and then added in.Only change I would make is to the portions, essentially we wound up with way too much rice and not enough sauce. Everything tasted amazing the night of, but the lack of sauce in the dishes resulted in some slightly dry leftovers, but nothing a little vegetable stock couldn't fix!
Reviewed by: Amanda F. on: 11/14/2013 5:22:33 AM
I recently moved to Towson and have been looking for a good Chinese restaurant ever since. After a couple of bad experiences I got to try Mandarin Taste. I had the fried dumplings, broccoli with garlic sauce, and sesame chicken. Everything was excellent and very fresh; the dumplings especially were the style I prefer and don't have the "mystery meat" taste that has plagued some of the other places I tried. I spent a dollar extra to get the white meat chicken and it was worth it, though I do wish I hadn't had to spend extra. The delivery minimum was $20, which seems a bit steep, but the food was worth it. It took about an hour to an hour and a half for the food to arrive, but considering that they are in Baltimore and they are in Towson it makes sense. I will definitely be ordering from Mandarin again when I have a craving for Chinese food!
Reviewed by: Lily R. on: 8/18/2013 11:23:23 AM
Lucky me, this is my local Chinese place! Fresh, not too greasy. Really good egg rolls. Lots of beef in the beef and broccoli, and the meat is always tender, not chewy. The interior decor leaves something to be desired, but who is going to eat at the restaurant anyway?A warning: I have had problems with order accuracy. So make sure to check your order when you pick it up.After getting used to their delish food, most other Chinese restaurants' food seems greasy and low quality.
Reviewed by: Smacky D. on: 8/7/2013 7:42:22 AM
Ditto on all the other great reviews. What I want to add is the personal touch and care the owners and chefs put into the food. I'm an eggplant freak, I love eggplant with garlic! I called one day with my eggplant jones in full effect, and the woman on the phone said the order would take a few minutes longer because she had to run over to Giant and get more eggplants! I'm a foodie. I like to slum it and get street food and piles of wings, but I've also been to some of the nicest restaurants in Paris. I have to say this was one of this nicest things someone at a restaurant has ever done. I love these guys! I would choose them over a swanky, more "traditional" and "hi-class" place any day. Pease patronize this restaurant!
Reviewed by: donyang97 on: 2013-02-18
Still very good food. I like it!
Reviewed by: miachen0214 on: 2013-02-18
Great food at a good price. Exactly what you'd expect from a local Chinese spot.
Reviewed by: Chris P. on: 2005-09-20
Mandarin Taste has the absolute best Chinese food in the area and they deliver too!! Delivery is so quick, less than 15 minutes from the time you hang up til there's that knock on your door. I love their food. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2008-02-13
Great tasting food for moderate prices. I order from there all the time. They just started having brown rice. I usually get their chicken and broccoli with beef in it. Can't get sick of it.?